Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Purpose of the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Dallas, Inc.:

To set and monitor strategic direction and ensure sufficient resources to accomplish the mission of the organization.

Makeup board of Directors:

A minimum of 30 and a maximum of 80 community leaders who provide influence within their organization and throughout the community to effectively deliver resources to Junior Achievement.

Term of Service:

Initial term: one year. Subsequent terms: three years.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors as a governing body

  • Set and monitor strategic direction
  • Provide policy governance
  • Evaluate and self-govern
  • Hire and evaluate the chief staff officer
  • Secure the necessary resources to accomplish the mission of the organization
  • Respond to communications (electronically or by phone) from fellow directors and Junior Achievement staff within 24 hours

Roles and Responsibilities of the individual Board Member

  • Respond to JA-related communication from JA Staff or fellow directors within 48 hours.
  • Make an appropriate annual personal contribution. 2014-15 average gift was $1,800.
  • Secure internal resources (money, volunteers, gifts-in-kind, expertise, special event coordinators, volunteer coordinator)
  • Personally participate in at least three of five regularly scheduled Board of Directors’ meetings.
  • Attend Board orientation within the first six months of membership.
  • Personally participate on a minimum of one Board Action Team each year.
  • Influence others to provide resources to JA.
  • Attend local events
  • Be a volunteer in at least one classroom during the first two years of service on the board, or prior to being elected a board member.
  • Visit or teach at least one class per year, every year.
  • Work toward the advancement of the mission by influencing the education and business communities.


  • Member of top three levels of company’s Dallas-based structure
  • Provides a specific skill that helps Junior Achievement accomplish its mission
  • Demonstrates an interest in Junior Achievement’s goals
  • Demonstrates the ability and willingness to actively participate in the work of the organization, through Action Teams and prospect introductions, and willing to represent Junior Achievement throughout the community
  • Has the ability and willingness to make a significant personal financial contribution
  • Has the ability to generate $25,000 in resources (financial or in-kind), internally or externally