JA Alumni


In the spring of 2016, Junior Achievement USA (JA) conducted a survey of a
scientifically valid sample of more than 700 JA Alumni. The intent of this research was
to better understand the impact JA has had on the lives of the more than 100 million
people who have gone through Junior Achievement programs since the organization’s
founding in 1919. The JA Alumni were asked about a variety of topics, including
educational attainment, career satisfaction, financial capability, income levels, and
business ownership. These results were then compared to general population data
from a variety of sources, including the U.S. Census, the U.S. Department of Education,
and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. This report summarizes those findings.

“The interaction with the volunteers. They were professionals — lawyers and accountants. Individuals
we didn’t get exposed to. It was a sea change for me. We were seeing a different world, a different life.
That’s what was important to me. I said, ‘I can do it.’ It was eye-opening for me and my character.”

— Yesenia Cárdenas-Colenso, Attorney, Bowman and Brooke, LLP